Eleftheria Lialios Studio

"Flag" 1986. 22ft x 9ft. Cibachrome transparencies. Museum of Contemporary Art. Chicago

I have been a practicing artist since 1978. My work evolved from documentary street work in Detroit, to large photographic transparencies of political imagery. It has been exhibited in public places/galleries where an audience can physically participate with a large two-dimensional photograph, entering a new way of looking and engaging with photographs. They are photographs of street workers, pedestrians, massive advertisements, political/religious extremism, flags, the abstractions of fire/clouds that create different individual readings and engagement. My current models for large scale installations are, “Homage to Joan of Arc" and “Passing The Time At Night”, 2012-15. “Homage to Joan of Arc" is a life-size transparent staircase covered with transparent photographs of small fires. The viewer walks up and down fire-imaged stairs that change ito an abstract figurative work, with their own body reflections seen on the opaque glass opposite them, a mirror. “Passing The Time At Night” is a piece about time represented through the Eiffel Tower light moving clock-wise. Sometimes the light is dimmed, sometimes the clock goes backwards, sometimes it is stopped, as it does in the model. The complexity of a simple idea about life, and our push for continued rotation.

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