Portfolio > Cloud Walker. 2008. 18 color film transparencies with audio of wind. Zhou B Center. Chicago

Cloud Walker. Zhou B Center. 2008. 7 pieces.
Enduraclear transparency
3.5ft x 6ft

The photographs are 35mm slides of clouds, un-manipulated, and printed 3ft x 5.5-6ft. ft. Enduraclear transparencies. With this work, I went back to primitive ways of reading abstract images: looking up as a child at the cracks of ceilings, and into the infinite space of clouds as an adult. What did people see in these clouds? They saw a dancer, a chicken, a person, an alligator, a bird. All were here, all were acceptable, all were seen. Conclusions drawn depended on who each person was, where they came from, and what they wish themselves to be.