Portfolio > Projecting Windows. 2005. Mid career retrospective at the Chicago Cultural Center.

Giving Up Arms. 2003.
Duraclear Transparency
5ft x 3.5ft
Church Mountain. 2005. 3.5ft x 5.5ft.
Cibachrome Transparencies
3 - 3.5ft x 5.5ft
Gypsy Wave. 2006. 3.5ft x 5.5ft. Enduraclear transparency.
Enduraclear transparency
3.5ft x 5.5ft

Installation at Chicago Cultural Center. In "Three Decades Of Image Making". Mid-career retrospective. 12 - 3.5ft x 6ft Duraclear transparencies hung on fish wire from the ceiling. Light projected above gives the film object an image on the wall that changes as the viewer walks around the work. All work printed by the artist at the School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago.